Nursery - 5th Grade

Gracepointe's Children's Ministries provides exciting, Bible-based activities to help children grow in Christ while they connect with each other and the children in our community, in order to transform lives through Jesus.

 Sunday Mornings

Sunday School/Quizzing is at 9:30 am, for children in the 1st grade through 5th grade.

Deep study in books of the Bible: Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Monthly they will participate in a Quiz Meet.

10:30am - We have "GraceKid's Worship" every Sunday, last Sunday of the month children will attend corporate worship and Worship Packets are available for children attending. 

Summer camps

There are 2 sleep-a-way, Kids Camp this summer.

The camp grounds are located in Adrian, GA

Kids Camp - June 12- 17 1st - 3rd  

Preteen Camp - June 20 - 24  4th - 6th

Dig In Bible Study

Dig In.jpg


DIG IN curriculum provides creative, multi-sensory teaching that immerses your kids in deep Bible learning, helping them to know Jesus personally and grow in relationship with him.



Gracepointe is a Nazarene Safe Church.  All staff, department heads, and children's workers have completed an extensive background check and training.  We at Gracepointe strive to provide the safest enviroment for our children and our workers.